Cheyan Lefebvre is a female human being living on Earth. Born to two human parents (or so they say) some time in the past century, she has since lived in and traveled to many countries, hoping to find the perfect land. In vain.
One day, she realized the perfect country of her dreams was nothing but a chimera, so she decided that it didn’t matter where she lived anymore, as long as there was love around her, sunshine inside her head and ice cream in her fridge.

She has been growing her own personal portable sun in a tiny garden in the back of her head for years, and wishes to share it with the world. In this way, she hopes to come across many other people’s personal portable suns. People, just like her, who are also human beings living on Earth and trying to grow their own stars to light their path.

Other than that, she is a graphic designer and the illustrator behind Tall N Curly, a comic blog started in 2012 that’s followed by over 60,000 humans around the globe (most of them sun farmers too). She also just released her first illustrated novel for young and old alike: Asha and the Spiritz

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